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One Year Later

A little over a year ago I created this blog. My original intent was to publish on Smashwords and make a “ton” of money. At least, that’s what some authors I read about were doing. I posted three CNF short stories there. I didn’t get rich. In fact, I wound up offering my stories for free.

With that said, (have you noticed how much these three words are getting used these days?), I decided to try my luck submitting to literary magazines. Still didn’t get rich, but my clicks for one of those stories was 6:1 compared to Smashwords.  You know, if you have been following my blog, the whole “Sicily thing.” It’s been good, real good.

For now, it seems I am back on a writing hiatus. The last story I wrote was in December. I’m just doing other things that I like to do. When a story comes into my head, I’ll stop and write it. Until then, watch for upcoming publications. Two are on the horizon.


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