indie writer


I am both a writer and photographer. My work as a photographer began with black and white film, endless darkroom hours, and has evolved in both genre and tools. I’ve been at photography a long time. When I am out with my camera, I am the happiest. My work is published under my real name, not as P.M. Merlot.

As a writer, my work is creative nonfiction about my life experiences. Some of which I reveal is personal yet a shared one in our humanity. Unlike photography, I have not been at it as long. It’s tough getting those rejections and an occasional publication. Ten years ago, I just couldn’t take it. Gave up. Something happened in my life and I had to write again. I am submitting my stories and toughened up since my earlier attempts. Sort of like men, another publisher will come along. One who will love my work. You just go on. Keep writing. 

In contrast to my photography, I write to unburden myself. I need to get thoughts, reactions, and emotions out of my head and heart. Writing frees me. Typically, when I write I am not at the happiest moments in my life.

Strangely enough, I can leave my desk, computer, and writing and go out and shoot to find the happy again. Duality.  I need them both.


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