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Don’t Let Him In

12198090531909861341man silhouette.svg.hiI am working on a new short story and I’ve tentatively titled it, “Don’t Let Him In.” If it sounds familiar, the idea for the title came from the horror movie  that came out in 2011. But, that’s as similar as my story goes. My story idea was triggered when an old boyfriend, from thirty years ago,  “friended” me on Facebook. Much of what had been locked becomes unlocked as I am on a path in an attempt to interpret his reappearance and rapid disappearance and follow the breadcrumb trail he has unknowingly left behind on the Internet. Meanwhile, I face reexamining our relationship.  At first I thought it would be difficult to break as a “short-short” story, but I’m at nearly 1,300 words with much more to write.  I’ve change his name and locations, but the rest of the story is very real. Stay tuned for the final publication!


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