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New words, new publication

You never know when a story idea will be triggered. This one came from a five minute conversation and a fascinating story about another’s heritage. Published in Gravel’s October issue-The Black Beret.

Thank you Chad, CNF editor for Gravel.

When the ideas and words wouldn’t stop, I wished them to stop. Ten short stories in ten months was an all time record for me. Some times be careful what you wish for. It all stopped in March, 2014. No more ideas, no more mad late night writing or grabbing every free moment to write as more ideas, words, sentences, and heartfelt revelations made their way onto a computer screen. I am hoping “it” comes back. But, then again, maybe I am one of those “one novel” or “one writing spree” kind of writer. I miss you, whatever you were.

Recently, I attended a family funeral. When I returned home, a story idea came to me and I began writing. First draft, second draft, and I think I’ve got it just the way I want it. Thank you, Jake, Editor of The Monarch Review, for publishing this heartfelt story. I dedicate it to Aunt Margaret. May you rest in peace.

Read here.

Fresh Pressed Despair is published on Blue Lake Review. Click to read. 

Goodbye Smashwords

I’m changing my ways. I had a couple of stories on Smashwords for over a year. Those were published with my real name. You won’t find my pen name there. Those stories are now unpublished. Next step, delete account. My publication experience has been much better in the authentic literary world. I’m staying there. Goodbye, Smashwords. It didn’t work out.

Stories to be found in life

I thought I was out of story ideas. Back to writers’ block or worse, just bad writing. A family member died. After it all, I realized there was a story in that experience. Not the usual funeral and death story, but an odd one. As a result, “Going to the End” is my newest creative non-fiction story. Next, I’ll get around to looking for a literary magazine that seems a good match. Let’s see if the 100% post-Sicily writing and publications continues.

One Year Later

A little over a year ago I created this blog. My original intent was to publish on Smashwords and make a “ton” of money. At least, that’s what some authors I read about were doing. I posted three CNF short stories there. I didn’t get rich. In fact, I wound up offering my stories for free.

With that said, (have you noticed how much these three words are getting used these days?), I decided to try my luck submitting to literary magazines. Still didn’t get rich, but my clicks for one of those stories was 6:1 compared to Smashwords.  You know, if you have been following my blog, the whole “Sicily thing.” It’s been good, real good.

For now, it seems I am back on a writing hiatus. The last story I wrote was in December. I’m just doing other things that I like to do. When a story comes into my head, I’ll stop and write it. Until then, watch for upcoming publications. Two are on the horizon.

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